The Show

The Stage is set. Mysterion looks into the crowd and asks for a topic, one is given and the guests are instructed to think of anything related to said theme. One by one Steffi stares into the audience and reveals their thoughts. For the next hour your guests are spellbound with effects that border on the supernatural. Mysterion enters the crowd and guests hand him their own personal items. Once again Steffi is able to identify these items and details with incredible accuracy, blindfolded.

The Sentimentalists goal is to make YOU the star of the show. A CEO or guest of honour is brought onstage and turned into a mind reader, being able to  reveal a thought, written in advance by the mentalists.

The night climaxes with the audience drawing freely chosen images and the mental duo being able to duplicate a selection with startling accuracy.

The show is suitable for audiences of any size with a recommendation minimum of 40.  Stage is not required, but for rooms larger than 100 recommended. Content is always clean, and suitable.  

“I cant get enough of these two” Katey Sagal
( Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, Married with children )

Please Contact management for rates and availability.